Eric Prindle wins heavyweight tournament without stepping in the cage


Chicago-based MMA organization Bellator have tried to get a conclusion to their season five heavyweight tournament on three separate occasions now and failed.

The bout was originally slated to happen at Bellator 59 but the bout was abruptly stopped when Santos nailed Prindle with an illegal groin shot.

We were set to go again last week but Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney reported that Prindle was suffering from “flu like symptoms” and could not perform so it was re-scheduled for today.

When the weigh-ins were pushed back another hour alarm bells were ringing for everybody and eventually news broke that Santos was eleven pounds over.

Strikeforce commentator and host of the MMA Show Mauro Ranallo was hot on the subject reporting that Santos was given time to make weight and when he couldn’t the bout was cancelled and Prindle was awarded $100,000 and a shot at Cole Konrad.

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