It’s official, Brock Lesnar has made his WWE return [Video inside]

The rumor mill has been running rampant over the past few days with reports that former UFC heavyweight kingpin Brock Lesnar would be making his return to his former home in the WWE.

Tonight those rumors were confirmed as Lesnar marched into Miami, Florida, as thousands of screaming fans went ballistic for his return, interrupting a highly-promoted promo with WWE’s poster-boy John Cena.

Cena fell short in his efforts to defeat the returning Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson last night at the WWE’s biggest event Wrestlemania 28 and on Monday night RAW Cena was calling for his rival to join him in the ring, but instead, he was answered by Lesnar who simply gave him his F-5 finishing maneuver and posed for the hot crowd.

Lesnar grabbed peoples attention from the first time he showed his face on WWE television. In the early shades of 2002 he obliterated the likes of Spike Dudley, Steven Richards and The Hardy Boyz  with former Extreme Championship Wrestling figurehead Paul Heyman as his mouthpiece.

Within months he would defeat The Rock to become the WWE’s top dog and it was off to the races as he became one of the company’s biggest stars before he left to pursue a career elsewhere.

Before he even gave stepping into the UFC Octagon a serious consideration he had an unsuccessful run in trying out for the NFL. He eventually fell into MMA and much like he took the scripted-action world by storm right away, he did so in the octagon too.

The Minnesotan had a natural magnetism from the moment he stepped foot on the amateur wrestling mats and it translated everywhere he went. Within nine months of his UFC debut he was the heavyweight king and the promotions biggest cash-cow.

On December 31, when he announced that he would step away from the octagon after a deadly loss to Alistair Overeem, most suspected he would return to the wrestling ring for one final run, and now its finally going to happen.

Reports are that he has signed a one-year deal for $5million with fifteen appearances guaranteed over the twelve month period but that has not been confirmed by any major publications.

As I noticed on my twitter feed over the past 24 hours professional wrestling is drawing back a lot of the old contingent that viewed Monday night WWE programming for years in the past, this might be their next step in keeping a few of them.


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