Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #3:

I started school this week. My course is for commercial diving, so a lot of my day is spent swimming in the ocean. I think this why I had a slow start to the week, but I made up for it in the end.

Again, I got shark tanked Tuesday evening. What a day to feel shitty and have what is supposed to be my most competitive sparring session. The convenience with a shark tank is that laziness is not a choice, unless you want to have your ass handed to you (which seems to happen in the end anyways). I guess it’s a pride thing. Until Friday I took training down a couple notches and just lifted weights, shadow boxed, and did light roadwork. Friday evening (Nathan) Swayze, Bill Fraser, Fraser Jordan and myself ended our week at Nanaimo’s Impact MMA. It felt great to get in there with some new meat. (John) Punt has a solid group of martial artists who are always game for some good punch time. John starts his class Friday evening quite a bit later than I’m used to which seemed to have little affect on me. That’s a good sign, because I will be fighting later on in the night come May 18th.

Also, Christmas came early for me when REIGN FULL CONTACT’s Jason Culley stopped by to hook us up with some quality training gear and slick apparel. I really like the belt. Saturday was sprints at Swayze’s. Those things are stupid, man. I finish my week with sprints because they are gruelling, but over in no time. Pending on Friday’s night life, they are a great way to start the day… Huge improvements in this weeks sprints over last weeks by the way.

Besides the fatigue at the beginning week, my other problem has been gaining weight. I guess from all the swimming combined with the training I’m burning through the calories now. My grocery bill is going to suck, but I guess that is another one of those sacrifices we make. At this rate however, I could maybe be a model following this fight. I’ll let you know how next week goes after adjusting to my school schedule and training.

Cheers, Mike.



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