Horodecki looks to stop invasion by US Marine

“The Polish Hammer” Chris Horodecki appears comfortable in his new weight class. The former lightweight standout will make his featherweight debut Friday night against Mike Richman. Speaking with enthusiasm, Horodecki is adamant that he feels re-born at 145.

I feel awesome. Just the best I’ve ever felt in my life and you know what I mean I should’ve done this earlier and I think it’s going to pay dividends for me for this fight and for the rest of my career.

I think it’s going to improve my cardio more than anything, having to be more disciplined further out [from the fight],  just be on when I’m dieting and when I’m eating in general.

His opponent is a former US Marine who has seven out of eleven wins coming by way of submission. While Horodecki is known primarily as a kickboxer, he has been working diligently on becoming more well-rounded and it shows as his last three wins by stoppage have come from submissions.

That’s the game, man. You’ve got to keep changing, you’ve got to keep improving in this sport. You know there’s so many aspects to it, it’s such a fast growing, fast rising sport. You’ve got to keep your mind open and keep developing yourself from top to bottom.

Horodecki entered the sport with a lot of fanfare, putting up an impressive win streak in both the TKO and IFL promotions. While his career appeared to stall in the lightweight division competing for WEC, Horodecki insists he’s just starting to scratch the surface of his potential.

I’m just starting really. I’m 24 now, I’m still young but I’ve got seven years in the sport, so I been around.  I’ve been in the big shows, I’ve been under the hot lamps. I know what it’s like man, I’ve got a long way to go.

My short-term goal is let’s finish this Marine on Friday with a bang, making a statement and getting myself into this 145 division. Medium-term I’m looking to really establish myself in this 145 division. Long-term goal’s to become a world champion.

As for his opponent, Horodecki is both respectful of his accomplishments in and out of the cage and at the same time ready to repel a US military invasion.

It’s going to be a fast-paced fight. if he comes out aggressive, comes on hard I’m ready if he brings that. He hasn’t thrown anything at me that I haven’t seen before and he’s coming into my backyard so I’ve got a lot of drive here.  It’s very honorable what it does but like I said he’s coming into my backyard so I’m going to defend our home and native land.

Friday night will see if Horodecki can deliver the biggest Canadian victory over the US military since the War of 1812.

Photo courtesy of Randi Lotsberg photography

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