Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #4: Bye, Bye Bank Account

Dear blog, another great week accomplished. Thanks to the help of Chad Braithwaite of Fitness etc, I have a better handle on my weight and hope to be putting on size very quickly here.

After a couple weeks of this new lifestyle I’m feeling adjusted to diving during the days and working out in the mornings and evenings. It would be nice if all cardio was the same, because from the amount I swim during the week I would be the man. Unfortunately it wont be doing much for my scrap, although it doesn’t hurt and its great for shedding body fat. Its kind of effed up that I now want to fight in a heavy class as I have trouble keeping my weight up. Due to the nitrogen build ups in my body from the diving, my evening exercises have to be planned more thoroughly than usual or I could end up paying for it pretty bad. I’ve heard horror stories of the benz being very painful and shitty. Fortunately, my training partners support me and keep a flexible schedule. The majority of the week was spent at my home base, the Comox Valley Boxing Club. Firday evening was spent at Impact MMA again and got some useful tips and words of encouragement from Nick Hinchliffe who will be headlining for Battlefield fight league in Nanaimo, April 27th. Sunday was strength and conditioning at CV Fitness with Bill Fraser. That sucked. I might be sick or dying because my lungs felt like they were bleeding when it was over. Or maybe I’m just out of shape, but I don’t think so. Again it was a mental test. There was only discomfort every second and the only thing going through my head was keep going till it’s over. It felt great when it was over, kind of like getting a quick KO and being relieved from all the mental pressure and feeling the instant achievement.

This week I began and finished strong, so now that I’m getting comfortable with all my daily physical activity I will slowly add more workouts to my weekly schedule. Putting on weight will be on the to do list as well…….bye bye bank account.




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