Diary of a Fighter

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert: Training with a purpose


It’s a great feeling when you can feel your cardio come along. I feel more invincible than I usually do……. and more cocky, confident, conceded, whatever; I feel good. I guess I felt more inspired after watching my friends fight at the AFC. I started looking at my training in a different way, like it had purpose. Funny how you forget stuff like that when you don’t compete for quite some time. It also made me realize my opponent is still human.

Good thing I went and watched and got a taste of the lights, crowd, and pressure. I always feel more nervous when cornering my friend because I have no control over the situation. After feeling the spotlight, I jumped back into the same training routine, but trained with more relief. Trained like I was competing against someone and myself rather than training in fear of some monster. I know my opponent outsizes me in weight, height and strength, but that does leave me with other advantages that I am aware of and will use.

I feel like I’m getting more serious with these blogs as things draw near, which is a good thing because I still haven’t doubted myself and improvement is showing in my strengths and weaknesses. Every hard session like pads, rolling and sparring seem to be the best to date. Most likely due to adequate rest and strong focus on technique during the lighter training days. I feel my strength hasn’t gained a whole lot when it comes to weights, but it is definitely showing improvement when it comes to practical use. That’s a good sign. Good thing it’s a fight and not a powerlifting competition. My training partner, Fraser Jordan, got picked up for the same card. It’s fun going into war with your friend. It feels like the pressure load is spread more evenly. Getting to train with him and Kent Fourneau this week was great. We were all competitive and working towards the same goal. Except Fraser has to make weight, that sucks! Saturday we had a great sparring class with many experienced training partners. It was a rewarding feeling when it was all done. I knew I got to eat care free of anything and did. Meanwhile Fraser and (Andrew) Buckland have to count calories everyday, Haha. Did I tell you guys I had a buffalo burger and yam fries? It was great.

Again I would like to thank the people helping me through this. I know it can be difficult for me, but I have a fight. You guys are there to help, thank you. Everything you provide benefits me. I weighed 240 the other day by the way. I think it was from bloating and retention from the burger and fries. Pretty sweet eh?

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