Bellator 67 main card results and play by play

Bellator 67 is happening at Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario and MMASucka is cageside. The main card is getting underway, keep it locked right here for LIVE results and play by play.

Luis “Sapo” Santos vs. Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford

Round 1

Santos whiffs a high kick. Both men sizing each other up. Both men throw kicks and Santos slips. Santos has a high kick blocked. Ford presses forward but doesn’t land much. Santos with a low kick. Body kick by Ford blocked. Santos drops Ford with a high kick but Ford bounces back up. Ford tries a takedown but Santos stuffs. Both men exchanging in the clinch. Santos working knees to the body. Santos takes Ford’s back. Ford eating rights. Ford trying to control Santos’ wrist to stop the damage. Santos controls Ford against the fence as time expires.

Round 2

Ford comes out swinging. Ford slips on a superman punch attempt. Ford with a knee and bullies Santos into the fence but Santos spins him around. Ford drops him with a knee to the body and unloads some punches. It is over and this crowd has gone BALLISTIC.

Winner: Ryan Ford by TKO (knee to the body/punches) at 1:24 of Round 2


Damian “Polish Pitbull” Grabowski vs. Dave “Bad Man” Huckaba

Round 1

Grabo with an early takedown. Grabo going body/head. Grabo working, but not at a pace enjoyed by the crowd. Grabo with a nice body shot. Dan “The Tan” Mirgliotta relents and stands them up. Grabo with a shot attempt from another time zone that is shrugged off by Huckaba. Grabo puts him against the fence. Grabo with a trip and another takedown. Another stand-up ensues. Huckaba throws but the round ends.

Round 2

Huckaba with a leg kick. Grabo with a takedown attempt but Huckaba sprawls. Grabo connects and puts Huckaba against the fence. Huckaba spins him and lands. Huckaba lands again. Grabo looking tired. Grabo pushes forward and goes for a takedown. Grabo bleeding above the right eye but landing shots as he has Huckaba’s back. Huckaba turns him over and is now in Grabo’s guard. Huckaba lets him back to the feet. Huckaba tags him. And again. Grabo wearing the crimson mask as the round ends.

Round 3

Grabo wants this on the mat and is on top. Grabo going body-body-head. Mirg listens to the crowd and stands them up. Crowd getting antsy. Huckaba landing now. Huckaba clips Grabo coming in and puts Grabo on his back. Huckaba lets him up. Both men appear to have gassed. Huckaba lands and stops a Grabo takedown. Grabo pushes forward, trying to make an impression. The fight is over, to the chagrin of no one.

Winner: Damian Grabowski by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)


Ben “Killa B” Saunders vs. Bryan “The Beast” Baker

Round 1

Saunders lands a couple of knees in the clinch. baker forces it to the mat. Saunders looking for a kimura. Baker holding him against the fence. Baker wants to drop Saunders on his head but Saunders goes for a traingle. baker throwing hard. Back to the feet. baker with a leg and we got back down. Baker with hammerfists and looking to pass. Saunders with another triangle and now an armbar combo. Baker powers out and lips him over. Saunders throws him off and gets back to the feet. Baker totally focused on the single leg. Baker going for Saunders’ back. Baker ends the round throwing. Good action after a lackluster previous fight.

Round 2

Baker with a body kick. Baker with a nice combo. Baker throwing heavy leather and landing occasionally. I almost get the feeling Saunders may be playing rope a dope. Saunders inviting a single leg from Baker. Saunders with the takedown. Baker back up and presses against the fence. Saunders looks fo a standing guillotine then throws some big knees to the body from the clinch. Baker with another takedown. Baker throwing like he wants a home run shot while Saunders is throwing small hammerfists and paintbrushes from the bottom. Baker passes into side control. Baker has Saunders in a modified crucifix but time runs out.

Round 3

Saunders lands and pushes Baker against the fence but Baker spins. Baker landing body shots. Baker doggedly pursuing a single. Saunders to the mat and Baker looking to work GNP. Baker doing a good job of keeping Saunders on his back. Baker with Saunders’ back. Saunders looking to control the wrists. Back to the feet, and Baker slams him. Baker with more GNP, Saunders lands an upkick to the body. Baker wants it. The fight is over and Baker looks to have done enough to win the decision.

Winner: Bryan Baker by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 X 2)


Main event:

Michael Chandler vs. Akihiro Gono

Round 1

Chandler looks hyped, Gono looks sleepy. Lots of sizing up. Chandler DROPS Gono with the right, follows up with punches and it is OVER!!!!!

Winner: Michael Chandler by TKO (punches) at 0:56 of Round 1

That is our main card, thanks for joining us!


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