Diary of a Fighter

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #7: Two week home stretch


Finally, the last two week home stretch has come. I can’t wait for this to be over. I’m ready to fight, I want to fight. I’m sick of going to class and striving for perfection. I want to train how/when I want to train. I want to be able to have fun on the weekends and eat what I want to eat. I want to act my age. School is enough of a weight on my shoulders.

Speaking of school, I returned to school this week and it really put a slow down on my training. It’s a good thing that things are starting to wrap up. I had 4 evening sessions this week and only trained hard for two. Still made the best of the other classes, but felt physically incapable of training hard without being counter productive. It leaves you left with the decision of whether I should train today or not when you have a giant opportunity coming your way.

When it came to the end of the week the right choices were clearly made. On the other hand since I have been so busy it has given me little time to dwell about this fight. I haven’t experienced any mental droughts when it come to the mental game. Just straight positive thinking when the opportunity arose during classes. I think it also has to do with the people I am surrounded by.

The next week will probably be my last week of hard sparring. I will miss that, but it’s only a week. I like hitting people, I feel it’s a great way to cope with daily stress and gives balance to my day to day lifestyle. Plus, I’ve been sparring for many years now so I feel a little funny (in a bad way) when I stop for a while. Maybe I can let it build up for fight time, kind of like the no sex before a fight myth, That is a myth by the way… Total myth! I have never met a person who said they don’t physically feel great after sex. There are exceptions when it comes to morality, but for the most part it’s good stuff. Sorry to cut this short it was starting to get good, but I have to go some strength and conditioning.

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    now u got me thinking about sex with u. defiantly not an effect tim has…u got this fight.

    ur bigeest fan!

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    Have you considered including a few social bookmarking buttons to these sites. At the very least for bebo.

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