The Ultimate Fighter Live: Episode 10 report


For the first time since the first episode we see multiple fights on the same episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Live as James Vick faces Joe Proctor and Mike Chiesa battling Justin Lawrence.

We begin with a montage of last week’s episode with Andy Ogle thrilled with his victory before taking a look at both the fights taking place tonight.

Training montage opens us up, Vick shows off his striking in the cage and this is how he plans on getting through to the semi-finals.

UFC President Dana White comes over to the house to make the announcement to the teams that Dominick Cruz will be forced out of their UFC 128 bantamweight title fight, Cruz is expected to be out for at least nine months.

Cruz says that the doctors say 6-9 months, he says only 4 – Faber walks past jokingly suggesting that Ronda Rousey threw him down and damaged his leg.

Training montage time for Joe Proctor as Faber explains that they plan to get in close, take him down and submit him.

James Vick vs. Joe Proctor

Competitive first round as both men look to impose their will early, Proctor did well to get on the inside and land strikes with the long and rangy Vick looking to sit on the outside and land his shots. Eventually he got more comfortable using his range and was landing some good shots on the outside that probably won him the round.

The second stanza was again pretty competitive with Proctor looking to get inside so he could work his clinch game against the cage and wound up slamming Vick to the canvass and seeking a submission to no success. The last minute Vick again turned up the heat landing some good power-shots, with this he gets the victory and advances to fight again in two weeks.

We go back to a training montage with Mike Chiesa, he talks about the loss of his father and how it motivates him to continue on.

Same deal, Justin Lawrence goes to a training montage as he’s working on his ability to sprawl and brawl to force Chiesa to make a mistake and get the knockout.

Justin Lawrence vs. Mike Chiesa

Chiesa wasted no time to close the distance and look to get the fight to the floor at all costs, after a triangle attempt he winds up with Lawrence in his guard. Lawrence is on the defensive most of the time as Chiesa has an active guard but he lands shots when he gets a chance. The round concludes with Chiesa seeking a triangle choke.

The fight begins with Lawrence not willing to let it him the mat early being the aggressor landing offence, pushing forward landing punches in punches. Chiesa tries to pressure him again the cage and get it to the floor to no success before we return to a striking match.

Chiesa lands some decent shots on the feet but Lawrence is the superior striker landing more power-shots, it hits the floor in the final minute with Lawrence on top again as Chiesa is constantly active off his back with elbows.

We are all tied up with a round a piece so we’re heading to sudden victory, Lawrence takes it to the floor before Chiesa sweeps and takes top position raining down a string on punches that force the stoppage.

Dana White makes the announcement for next week’s fights as Chris Saunders faces Vinc Pichel and Al Iaquinta against Andy Ogle

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