Road to the Pro’s w/ Micah Brakefield #18: How is the knee holding up?


I’m still a few weeks away from being able to get back in to the gym, and it’s killing me. I walk around dodging imaginary punches and catching kicks that don’t exists (I know, usually I catch the punch with my chin and start grappling, but it’s always nice to pretend).  During conversations I feel my mind constantly trying to figure out new submissions that I will try when I get back. My knee is now finally at the point where I can begin to test it. Tonight will be my first big test as I will go for a 5km run and see how it feels after. 

During the summer my brother Jo works as a guide at one of the nicest fishing lodges on the West Coast (http://www.legacylodge.com/).  Not only is he my brother, and my room-mate, but he is also one of my best training partners when it comes to grappling. While he only started training Jiu Jitsu in November, he is already one of the best rolls at the gym. It helps that he was a decorated wrestler; winning Provincial and National Championships in high school and going on to wrestle with Simon Fraser University until an unfortunate shoulder injury, a surgery, rehab, and another shoulder injury forced him to hang up the boots. He is close to my size, can easily match my athleticism and isn’t shy about beating me up and pushing me to my physical and mental limits.  But in his absence I will have an extra room in my place so I thought what better thing to do then set up a little home dojo. I will have a 15′ by 15′ foot room matted up and ready to roll on in just under a month and cant wait to be able to have access to mats 24/7. If you are ever in the Burnaby area during the summer and want to get a roll in send me a message, there is never a time when I wouldn’t rather be grappling. 

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While my career continues to be a lull, my friend, and team-mate Daniel Swain is getting ready for one of the biggest test of his young career against another very talented up and comer by the name of Lee Morrison.  I have been keeping in touch with Mr. “Agent Orange” over the internet and on the phone, but I have to say I hate not being able to see and help him prepare for this fight.  I know he’s doing what he needs to do to get ready while at the same time helping out as many local fighters as he can. But still, I would like to be there to lend a hand however possible. Daniel fights on May 26th, which is next Saturday, and if you live anywhere near Sandpoint, Idaho I suggest you watch him fight before you have to start paying UFC prices. 

Hopefully my knee feels great on my run tonight and I can take the first steps towards being able to walk out to the cage for the first time as a professional athlete and being able to rep all my great sponsors  FVSTRDominant GroundReflex on KingswayDrakoPassion SportsTippet Richardson, Kombat NationKlench Kustom GuardsCanusa Fight Team, and Echelon Fighter Management and of course MMASucka. It’s companies like this that enable me to continue to chase my dream of becoming a professional athlete and one day being able to say I am the best in the world.

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“Mitey” Micah Brakefield

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  • So Mar says:

    Fans from Brazil would like suggest Mikah Brakefield as fighter versus Junior Cigano on UFC. Victor Belfort has co condition for fight.

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