Chael Sonnen granted license and therapeutic use exemption

Chael Sonnen went before the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Monday and was granted a license and therapeutic use exemption for his upcoming UFC 148 fight on July 7 in Las Vegas against Anderson Silva.

Keith Kizer stated “He’s done his time. He’s come clean on his prior dishonesty, and that’s all appreciated.”

Sonnen was originally suspended for six months following his UFC 117 loss to Anderson Silva after failing to inform the CSAC of his TRT usage.

Following his upcoming fight with Silva he must still stay in the good books, as he will have to do a blood test the morning after. His T:E levels must stay within the 6:1 allowed regardless of his TRT therapy.

Sonnen will be allowed to stay on TRT usage with his therapeutic use exemption, however he will for sure be under supervision.


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