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Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #6: Weigh-in day!!


It’s Friday morning and weigh-ins are at 7:00PM tonight. First thing I do every morning when I wake up is check my weight. Today I’m 4lbs over the 146lbs limit, which means I’ll have to do a little bit of weight cutting still. To be honest though 4lbs is nothing, I have done much bigger weight cuts in less time then I have to do this measly 4lbs. The weigh ins are at The Black Bear Martial Arts Center in Sandpoint, ID. And will being broadcast live at http://www.unifiedcombatleague.com/ and you can catch the fights here on MMASucka.com on Saturday. The fights start at 7pm PT/10pm ET Saturday night and are compiled of some really good amateur fights and headlined by my pro fight. This is the first time this promotion has ever held a pro/am event so it’s an honor to be the one of the first pros ever for the promotion.

This last week was quite hectic to say the least, Saturday night I cornered one of my main training partners in his MMA debut, in which he destroyed a guy in 1:21 of the first round by TKO who was a weight class above because his guy backed out last minuet, which was absolutely awesome to watch. The next morning I grabbed my brother and my passport and started a trip to Vancouver, BC Canada to go do a photo shoot for one of my sponsors Drako impact sports. On the way, I stopped and pick up some brand new mouth guards from Klench Kustom Mouth Guards. So 8 hours after our trip began we pulled up in Micah Brakefield’s driveway. I lived for about a year on Mr. Brakefield’s couch so I have kind of an ownership on any couch he posses in the future. Micah was in the middle of putting mats in a spare room so when he is able to he can be training full time even at his house.

The next morning was Monday and it was may long weekend in Canada, for my American readers May long weekend is pretty much a fake holiday the Canadians have so they can have an extra day off of work. So Micah and I did what we always do in the morning and that was head over to Tim Hortons, again American readers this is a Canadian thing and probably the best thing they have given the world. After hanging out all morning drinking out Timmy’s we wanted to test the home gym so Micah held some pads for me and grappled as much as possible with his injury.  A few hours later it was time to hit the gym in Port Coquitlam. I met Shawn Albretch there along with some awesome up and coming ammy fighters like Jeremy Kennedy, Jamie Graff, and Gary Gill. After an awesome sparring and mitts work out that left me completely drained of energy, I was ready to go home.

The next morning I got picked up by my manager Darcy McBride and chauffeured to my photo shoot. We got there I was given some new gear and they took about 400 pictures of me, which I thought might have been more then needed… I know I’m a very attractive guy but 400 pictures seems excessive. The next morning I left and started my 8-hour trip back home.

The last couple days have been all about fine-tuning and shedding weight. I know that tomorrow night I will be the better fighter in the cage. I have beat better people then he has, trained harder then he has, trained with better people then he has and tomorrow night you can expect to see my hand raised at the end of the night. Remember if you cant make it to the fight it will be being broadcast live here on MMASucka.com.

A huge thanks to all my sponsors Drako Impact Sports, RYU- Respect Your Universe, Dominant Ground, Klench Kustom Mouth Guards, MMASucka.com for letting me do the blog and a huge thanks to Kombatnation.com. A big thanks to all my training partners at Score 10 MMA, CANUSA Fight Team and WCBJJ in Canada. Thanks to all my coaches who have helped me get where I am today. A special thank you to my friends and family for continuing to support me as I make my journey to the top. And thank you to my girlfriend who has been very helpful in my weight cut and keeping me motivated this whole camp.

If you’re on twitter give me a follow @swain145 and I know you’re on Facebook so go like my page http://www.facebook.com/DanielSwainMMA while you’re there make sure to check out all of my sponsors and like their pages also.

Thanks for reading,
Daniel Swain

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