Jason “Mayhem” Miller released following UFC 146

After a stint on reality TV and some time in other organizations, Jason “Mayhem” Miller made a return to the UFC to coach opposite Michael Bisping on The Ultimate Fighter.

At the end of the season the two squared off at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale and Bisping absolutely slaughtered Mayhem and eventually TKO’d him in the third round. Following the fight UFC President Dana White stated, “It was bad. It was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Although White and Miller both thought the performance stunk, Miller was given a second opportunity. This time he took on C.B. Dolloway at UFC 146 and again lost by unanimous decision. This time however, Mayhem fought a tough fight and even rocked Dolloway on numerous occasions. He could never quite pull the trigger and finish him though. Dolloway took the fight to the ground where he controlled the pace and decisively scored a unanimous decision.

According to Dana White there was some sort of backstage issue with Miller, as White said “some crazy shit happened.” No word as to what was said.

White did however state that the backstage incident did not lead to Miller’s release and he had already made his mind up prior to the situation.




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