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Behind the Shirt w/ Marc Wilson #11: Announcement Time!


I figured that since I have been hinting at something in these articles for the past few months, that it would only be fair to announce it here before anywhere else. Besides, who reads these things anyways?!?!

The news that I know you ALL have been waiting for…

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My trip to Florida that seems like ages ago (it was February) was to visit with the new owners of Jaco Clothing. These new owners are taking the Jaco vision to unbelievable heights that would have never been conceivable with the previous ownership group. Not to say that the previous owners did a bad job, in fact most Industry people love Jaco and the concept of the brand.

What I mean by this new vision is taking the brand far beyond the likes of some great quality performance apparel. Jaco now has FAR MORE availability to produce better and more products, as well as marketing in many avenues not available to Jaco until now. Jaco had announced it’s new ownership in September of 2011 and has put to work new divisions and releasing new products never previously brought into the “Hybrid Performance Apparel” business (partly because they ARE the “Hybrid Performance Apparel” business). What is meant by Hybrid Performance? Focused training for such disciplines like: Crossfit, TRX, Sports Specific, Yoga, Pilates, etc. for the athletic gain of a specific sport. For example, the numbers of MMA practitioners who train Crossfit you will find is astounding.

It’s obvious that Jaco makes some of the best Performance Apparel for all sports and disciplines. Now what about beyond that?

Jaco hinted at a barefoot athletic show if you happened to catch Rashad Evans training videos. Here is one of them in case you missed it…

Rashad also walked out in Performance Audio Headphones, to which Jaco received thousands of inquiries about following his bout against Jon Jones. I’ll tell you something you couldn’t see from that walkout… Those headphones have a moisture wiking material on the pads that allows you to wear them for hours without sweat building up and causing you to take them off. They can also be used during training without damage. The ear buds also have a similar technology.

They will also be releasing new Apparel for men and some AMAZING new women’s products, and they redesigned their award winning Convertible Bag Systems too.

So what does that have to do with me?

Jaco is looking to be different and discover new ways to operate as well as their vision on products. The way that most American companies operate is through “International Distributors” and if you are familiar with this system (Canadians see it all the time in our ridiculous pricing) it causes a lot of undue charges and much higher prices than our neighbors to the south.

Jaco got word of how my company operates and how we strive to combat the “Distributors” system in Canada and make products have the lowest “Landing Cost” possible so that all parties benefit from the price. Retailers pay less, so they can charge less, then customers aren’t biting the cost of doing business in a world where Free Trade is FAR FROM FREE!! They loved my ability to find ways to have the lowest possible price for everyone, they loved even more that I always strive to do things differently and NEVER accept things the way they have been. It is something I always tell people who as for advise… “Always ask WHY, and never accept the answer as the best possible solution”.

Through hours of discussions and workings, plus our meeting at Jaco’s Head Office in Florida the process was started to take what I know about operations in Canada and transform that to a relationship where I will operate Jaco’s BRAND NEW Canadian Offices. As of June 1, 2012 I am now officially the President of Jaco Clothing Canada, and handle ALL day to day business, sales and marketing!

In the coming months, products will arrive in Canada and operations will begin while offices are built to suit our needs. This office will service both the wholesale operations for our retailers, as well as the online consumer website and affiliate programs. Further down the process, a showroom will also be introduced so that retailers can visit and check out the products on their own.

If you are wondering… Yes, Jaco Clothing Canada WILL be hiring sales reps across Canada.

As for what happens to Derailed, the beauty of my business model is that although most people knew us as the wholesaler of the best MMA and Action Sports brands, the company itself is a Sales and Marketing Agency which never limited us to just wholesale to retailers.

Check back in the coming weeks and you will see the updates to to show how my company will reflect the new additions and changes to our projects.

Make sure to tell everyone about the changes, and make sure you and everyone you know follows Jaco Clothing Canada:

Twitter: @JacoClothingCAN
Facebook Page: Jaco Clothing Canada
Linkedin: “Jaco Clothing Canada”
[email protected]
Existing Jaco retailers and potential new ones please feel free to email
[email protected] for updates and pricing.

In the meantime, spread the word! Mostly because the press release hasn’t come out yet but I want to let my followers be the ones to know before everyone else!

Marc Wilson
Owner – Derailed Industries
[email protected]

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