MMA book review: “The Voice of Reason” by Chael Sonnen

It was inevitable that Chael Sonnen would write a book.  It would only make sense that the most quotable man in mixed martial arts, who could back up every single word with a double leg and a basket full of punch in the face, should put out an issue to grace libraries, bookstores and Kindles with his knowledge.

“The Voice of Reason: A VIP Pass to Enlightenment” is a worth while venture into the mind of the man with the biggest arms, the biggest charms and who will do the most harm.  If being written by Mr. Chael P. Sonnen is not reason enough to pick up (when Chael says pick up, he means you go out and BUY) the book, here are a few reasons why you should:

If you want to be a better man and an even a better fighter.

When reading this book, Sonnen beats you into a better man with directly insulting complements to say hey idiot, you are a great person, so start acting like one.  Simple lessons your parents should have taught you like integrity and loyalty are taught through his stories and specific directions.

He also teaches the art of telling a lie as absolute truth, and even better, a truth as an absolute lie.. Really he was trying to feed a carrot to a bus! Whoa big fella!

One of the most critical chapters for aspiring mixed martial arts fighters is called, “Walk This Way, But Never to That Song” where he discusses the importance of entrance music, and why it’s not just about you.  In fact, reading this book will teach a fighter how and why he really should treat his fans.  (I know first hand, Mr. Sonnnen is amazing to his fans!)

If you want to know how mean are the streets of West Lynn Oregon

Chael talks about how mean West Lynn Oregon really is and how it shaped him into a man.  Then, how those same mean streets took him from a Contender for the people as a politician, to a convicted felon.  Understanding what Sonnen has gone through makes it easy to understand why no one is off limits, to scrutiny, weather it be Anderson Silva, or even Canada’s own golden boy Sidney Crosby. (yes, Sid the Kid gets a mention)


No one is perfect, but Sonnen, will always be striving for perfection especially with this book. Just ask his good friend and training partner, Jesus Christ, who wrote the forward.  He talks about the history of the most perfect base for mixed martial arts, wrestling. There’s even a graphic sex scene in the book that you need to read to believe.

In risk of being more cliché as I normally am, this book will truly make you laugh, cry and re think your whole human existence.   If not, at least it will make you bust out laughing out loud while knocking over your favorite fancy, non-fat, high calorie 5 plus dollar espresso drink at your local Starbucks interrupting the most exciting ground floor multi-level business opportunity meeting at the next table.  (ya, that really didn’t happen, I’m just saying, it might.)



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