Big Boys & MMAHawaii Expo 2012


This past weekend, the largest MMA event in Hawaii happened under one roof at the Blaisdell Center.  The Big Boys & MMAHawaii Expo kicked off on Friday, June 15th and concluded on Sunday, June 17th, featuring Destiny Entertainment MMA cage fights, Hawaii Triple Crown of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament, Man Up and Stand Up kickboxing competition, bikini contest, body building competition, bully dog specialty show, Miss MMA Contest, a lingerie fashion show, a motorcycle and car show, and special guest appearances by UFC Fighters “Suga” Rashad Evans and Travis “Hapa” Browne.  UFC Fighter Chris Leben and X1 World Middleweight Champion Falaniko Vitale were also in attendance at the event, with Vitale even entering the advanced no-gi division of the Hawaii Triple Crown (HTC).

With six championship belts on the line for the 2012 HTC State championships, the most anticipated matches of the weekend came from the black belt super fights.  Kyle Snyder-Olivares, an O2MAA brown belt, was added to this division when no other competitors in his brown belt weight division or the brown belt absolute division failed to show up.  In one of the most exciting matches of this black-brown belt super division (and probably the greatest upset in the division), Snyder-Olivares quickly finished GF Team black belt, Frank Cabral via toe hold in less than 30 seconds of the first match of the division.  Atos Jiu Jitsu’s Mike Fowler defeated Nova Uniäo’s Dean Lista via wrist lock, and then later went on to defeat Snyder-Olivares via bread cutter choke to win the gold and the HTC belt.

In another action packed MMA card, Destiny Entertainment did not disappoint with some quick submissions and TKOs.  The results of the full card are as follows:

135 lbs women’s kickboxing bout

Lenna Cook defeated Wanda Werner via unanimous decision

135 lbs Kickboxing bout

Charles Naone defeated Stu Jones via split decision

145 lbs Mad Skillz bout

Cameron Hayashi defeated Eric Clarke via unanimous decision

Xtreme Grapping Match

Jason Bay defeated Jon Ferrell via rear naked choke submission

Xtreme Grapping Match

Drake Fujimoto vs Zach Close ended in a draw

135 lbs Pankration bout

Jordan Timball defeated Dallas Cabe via unanimous decision

185 lbs Pankration bout

Dwain Uyeda defeated Curtis Pedro via guillotine submission in 2:09 of round 1

170 lbs Pankration bout

Marlon Calventas defeated Juan Berdon via unanimous decision

170 lbs Pankration bout

Dan Miffin defeated David Galindo via unanimous decision

145 lbs Kickboxing bout

Nui Wheeler defeated Jason Recamara via split decision

145 lbs Pankaration bout

Daniel Joseph defeated Randy Kamaiolii via majority decision

125 lbs MMA bout

Geremy Martyn defeated Cameron Tani-Kiyokane via rear naked choke submission in 2:33 of round 1

170 lbs MMA bout

Cody Andrade defeated Brady Spiridigiglozzi via unanimous decision

160 lbs MMA bout

Colin Mackenzie defeated Micah Ige via rear naked choke submission in 0:45 of round 2

135 lbs Women’s MMA bout

Bryanna Fissori defeated Lavida Given via unanimous decision

155 lbs MMA bout

Hiro Ito defeated Dustin Akiyama via kimura submission in 1:35 of round 2

145 lbs Pankration bout

Josh Coleon defeated Robert Catley via majority decision

145 lbs MMA bout

Jai Troche defeated Cody Santos via guillotine submission in 0:48 of round 1

170 MMA bout

Markus Kindbald defeated Bear Bailey via unanimous decision

170 lbs Kickboxing bout

Ben Santiago defeated Makana Fronda via unanimous decision

190 lbs Middleweight MMA Title bout

Neale Johnson defeated Kevin Aguigui via TKO referee stoppage in 2:26 of round 2

155 Kickboxing Title bout

Tony Rodriguez defeated Jon Barnard via split decision

Lightweight Title bout

Lowen Tynanes defeated Louis Pauole via TKO in 2:54 of round 3

125 lbs Women’s MMA Title bout

JJ Aldrich defeated Kailin Curran via rear naked choke submission in 4:07 of round 1

Overall, the Big Boys & MMAHawaii Expo offered a little something for everyone.  Whether you are an MMA fanatic, Brazilian jiu jitsu enthusiast, motorcycle and car collector, dog lover, gym rat, or shopaholic; the MMA expo provided just enough of each to keep everyone satisfied and entertained.

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