Josh Thomson looks to return in August or September


Josh Thomson’s last fight was a five round battle with Gilbert Melendez for the Strikeforce Lightweight title. He ended up losing a unanimous decision in that fight.

Many have wondered when Thomson would return to action. He spoke with earlier this week.

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“Training has been good. I tried to get on the July 14 card in Portland but Sean Shelby and Scott (Coker) were talking about having to use certain fighters by a certain time because of their contracts,” commented Thomson. “So I’m trying to get on the August 18 card and that might even get bumped again so September just because of the contract stuff.”

With the organization not holding as many cards as they have in the past, there is no certainty as to when we will see Thomson back in the cage. Strikeforce has only put on three fights in 2012. If Thomson had it his way he would have two more fights this year.

“I want to try and get two more fights in this year which would be great. I can fight like August/September and then maybe November/December. That would be wonderful. It all comes to me staying healthy.”

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