MMASucka Product Review: RYU Tanto Compression Long-sleeve shirt


I go through a ton of compression and performance gear every week, especially when I’m training for a road race, mud obstacle course, or grappling tournament. My three biggest concerns for my training gear are comfort, durability, and performance. The RYU Tanto compression long-sleeve excels in all of those areas.

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When you first put on the top, you will notice that it molds to your body perfectly without being excessively tight in any area, and you are able to move freely without restriction. RYU understands that not everyone is built with perfect V’d out latissimi dorsi that tapers to a tiny waist (think Bruce Lee). If you are, then great! This will fit you perfect.  If you are a mere mortal (like myself), but still need a performance top that you will feel and move great in, you won’t be suffocated with uneven compression like I have been in the past by other tops by other leading brands.


For the 2 weeks I have had the Tanto Compression top before writing this review, I was able to put it through its paces including MMA strength and conditioning circuits (with kettle bells, sand bags, TRX, and everyone’s favorite, battle ropes), several trail and road runs, and gi and no gi grappling classes.  No frays appeared along the stitches or where the top had been pulled or grabbed by accident. No fabric pilling under the arms or any high friction areas like you would see with less quality compression tops. Most importantly, the top held up to several of the rigorous wash cycles of our washing machine.


The performance of the compression top was as expected.  Although the fit was comfortable, it still held my muscles securely, minimizing excess movement and reducing fatigue. The recycled Poly/ spandex blended fabric wicked away moisture, while reducing chafing. My favorite detail was the gel print grippers along the bottom edges and the cuffs.  It held the top well in place especially when i was rolling on the mats.  The grippers kept the top from riding up halfway up my back which sometimes happens with other rash guards.

Overall, the RYU Tanto Compression Long sleeve’s comfort, durability and performance is well worth it’s price, and is easily one of my favorite tops to train in.

COMFORT – 9/10

QUALITY – 10/10



Cost – $68.00

To purchase the RYU Tanto Compression long sleeve top or to check out the full stock of RYU Products head over to RYU.com. Make sure you keep up with RYU on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @RYUapparel.


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