Aggression FC’s official response to the Graham Spencer situation

Earlier this week, we announced that Canadian featherweight star Graham Spencer had inked a deal with Aggression Fighting Championship to face Adam Lorenz, another top 145er. We were extremely elated to have put together such a deal, as this is a major fight.

How this came about was that back in mid-June, I received a call from Echelon FM’s Darcy McBride asking me if I’d be interested in signing Graham Spencer. I replied that I definitely was, but I wanted to know the status of his current fight contract. I was assured that Spencer’s three-fight deal with his promotional home was completed, and that he wanted to fight somewhere else. Specifically, they asked to fight Adam Lorenz. I again asked to make sure that he was one hundred percent free and clear from any other fight contract, and was assured that this was the case.

I contacted Lorenz’s manager and they verbally accepted the terms and the fight. We just needed to confirm the date.

I then contacted Darcy to let him know we were confirmed for the Lorenz fight. He was happy, and shortly after I received a text message from him that Spencer has signed his contract, which I have a picture of. It is dated June 20, 2012.

In the following days, Darcy enquired about when a press release would be sent out regarding his client signing with AFC. Shortly after, a press release was sent out. After this release had gone out, Spencer’s old promotion stated that Spencer was on a champion’s clause, which was never communicated to me by Darcy. His response was that he didn’t think it was an issue because he was going to get his client released from that clause.

So, after I was told Graham Spencer had signed his contract on or before June 20th, and Darcy was asking for a press release about the signing, he fails to send in the signed contract, and then proceeds to hold it hostage while he entertains other offers. We had a signed agreement which was used as leverage and then reneged on. This is completely unprofessional.

As a result of what has come to light over the last few days, and the absolute malicious misrepresentation made by Echelon FM and Darcy McBride directly, we have decided that any fighter being represented by Echelon FM or Darcy McBride will no longer be fighting with Aggression Fighting Championship.

Darren Owen,

Promoter, Aggression Fighting Championship


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