Fight Music: Nam Phan

nam phanWe recently had UFC fighter, Nam Phan on MMASucka Radio and asked him what he likes to listen to while he visualizes for a fight. Well, it seems like he doesn’t listen to it at that time, but he does get down to some pretty cool stuff on a regular basis.

I don’t really listen to music when warming up, I just try to really stay focused. On a regular basis though, I like to listen to trance and house music. David Guetta is pretty good and like Guetta Tiesto, ATV he’s pretty nice. Dub step is all right, but some of the stuff is kind of annoying. Dub step is the same thing over and over again though. It’s just that rumbling noise.

To listen to the full interview with Nam Phan check out this week’s episode of MMASucka Radio w/ Nam Phan and Mark Pavelich


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