BJ Penn plans on training at AKA, however Jon Fitch is causing problems


BJ Penn will make his long awaited return to the octagon at UFC 152: “Benavidez vs. Johnson”, as he faces off against Rory MacDonald on the main card.

In anticipation of his upcoming battle, Penn is releasing video blogs for the next two months.

In the first episode of his video blog, the main thing that came out of it was that he intends to head over to American Kickboxing Academy to step up his training, however Jon Fitch seems to be making that a tad bit difficult.

“We’re over here in Honolulu right now training,” Penn revealed in his UFC 152 video blog. “We’re gonna be here for a month, and then we’re gonna see where we’re gonna train next month. We’re trying to get up to AKA, but Fitch is trying to give me some problems about that. And all Jon Fitch has to do is look on the wall [at AKA]. Whose picture is on the wall holding the belt? That’s all Jon Fitch has to know.”

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