Anderson Silva contemplating a move to welterweight?


Ever since Anderson Silva brutally put away his top money making rival Chael Sonnen the middleweight title batter has tasted confusing with the only viable challengers not deemed worthy to tussle with the middleweight king, according to his management.

Well, it seems we might have a solution if Silva moved 15-pounds south to welterweight, the current home of his consensus pound-for-pound rival George St-Pierre.

Dave Meltzer reported today on his Wrestling Observer Radio with his co-host Bryan Alvarez that “The Spider” was considering vacating his championship and moving down in weight as he ┬áhas all but cleaned out the 185-ranks in his unbeaten streak inside the UFC’s Octagon that’s deemed him the greatest fighter this sport has ever seen in the eyes of many.

The real issue with this is whether or not he can comfortably make 170-pounds, he hasn’t been at that weight since 2001 when he faced consensus pound-for-pound star Hayato Sakurai spoiling the night of his Japanese foe and taking his Shooto title off his mantle. While this was incredibly impressive, Silva is a considerably larger fighter today as he hovers around the 200-pound range.

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