MMASucka Product Review: Nutrabolics Swollen Powder

To say Nutrabolics Swollen Powder is the best pre-workout formula on the market is an under statement.

I received a box of the original Swollen tablets when they first came out and thought they were crazy strong, but then I got my hands on the newest Swollen Powder product and there will be no turning back. Getting amped for the gym has never been a problem for me, but making sure my pumps were maximized was. However with Swollen Powder I get just that… Swollen muscles.

The product is unlike any other pre-workout formula out there. If you have tried others and think they are the one for you, I highly suggest giving Nutrabolics Swollen Powder a try. I can almost guarantee you won’t be turning back to the others.

The overview on the Nutrabolics website says it all…

Utilizing Nutrabolics’ signature AE2™ nitric oxide technology and powered by the hi-tech extract AstraGin™ – which is clinically proven to increase Nitric Oxide Arginine absorption by 62% – SWOLLEN™ has the power to unleash the most massive and perpetual pumps you will ever experience.

If you are looking for a pre-workout formula for your upcoming training camp, then check this product out. It will help increase your energy, your strength, your focus and your muscle recovery.

TASTE – 10/10



PRICE – 9/10


Price – $74.95

To purchase Nutrabolics Swollen Powder head over to and don’t forget to use coupon code ‘SUPERVITAMIN’ for 25% off your entire purchase.


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