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Road to the Pro’s w/ Micah Brakefield #22 – I’ll see Stephan Fritsche on November 9th


So it’s official, November 9th I will be fighting Stephan Fritsche. He is 5-2-1 as a Pro MMA fighter and has a Pro title in some other promotion. It feels like it’s forever away, but I know the time will race by and before I know it I will be waiting backstage for “Garden Grove” to hit the speakers and I will once again be in my element. I plan to train fairly generically for this fight and improve my skills in every aspect. I know my grappling has improved tenfold from what it was when I fought back in February and the rest of my game is continuing to improve. I plan to spend a good deal of this camp training with former UFC fighter Kalib Starnes and hopefully get some time in with Dan MacIvor, seeing as he fought Stephan back in 09. I am confident that I will be able to go in and finish this fight like I had done as an amateur. Not that I am underestimating my opponent, but I have full trust in myself and my team-mates that come November nobody that Battlefield has on their roster will be able to stop me from going and getting that Pro title.

If I ruled the world, or even the Battlefield world I would love to be able to fight November 9th and then right away on November 30th. But I dont, so I want to get out of this fight injury free, and somehow be able to get on that next card. I am impatient by nature and want to get fights in as fast as I can. I know I can only control what I can do so for now its just train train train and eat healthy and I know that it will all work out.

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Rumour has it that Echelon Fighter management will be doing its second instalment of “Upper Echelon” so stay tuned for that featuring; Graham Spencer, Paul Chang, Ryan Chiappe and myself.

Thats all for now.

I would like to thank my sponsors: Tapout Canada, FVSTR, Dominant Ground, Reflex on Kingsway, Drako, Passion Sports, Tippet Richardson, Kombat Nation, Klench Kustom Guards, Canusa Fight Team, and of course MMASucka.

If any potential sponsors are reading this they can contact me through my manager Darcy Mcbride with Echelon Fighter Management.

Thank you very much for reading.

“Mitey” Micah Brakefield

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