Anderson Silva says he has “six years of fighting” left

There were always rumors that Anderson Silva would retire at the age of 35. Well he’s now 37 and he’s still a beast inside the octagon with an amazing 15-0 record over the past 6 years.

The question of retirement always comes up, however in a recent interview with Brazilian newspaper Estadao he made it clear that it is not on the horizon.

“I guess you can see more like six years of fighting. I love what I do. The team that works with me does a fantastic job. I’ve never had a serious injury that took myself away from competition. So I think I have this a little while longer.”

Silva’s manager, Ed Soares has made claims that Silva would only be fighting four more times in his career before retiring and that was prior to his last fight with Sonnen. “The Spider” squashed those rumors at the UFC 148 pre-fight press conference.

It is rumored that if Georges St-Pierre gets past Carlos Condit at UFC 154, then the super-fight between himself and Anderson Silva would go down. Could that be the fight that finally pushes “The Spider” into retirement?


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