Video: UFC 152 Gracie Breakdown feat. Ed O’Neill


In this special episode of the Gracie Breakdown, Ryron and Rener are joined by 22 year Gracie Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and Gracie Academy black belt, Ed O’Neill. Even though Ed had to attend the 64th Annual Emmy Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening (“Modern Family” is nominated for 14 awards this year!), he made time to sneak over to the Gracie Academy in Beverly Hills to keep it real with the Gracie Brothers.

The breakdown begins with an analysis of the beautiful armbar that Belfort landed on Jones in round one. Ed explains how Jones’ style of ground and pound leaves him exposed to armbars, and then they analyze why Vitor wasn’t able to fully dislocate Jones’ elbow joint. They also discussed the critical details of the round 4 Americana Armlock that Jones’ used to seal the deal and retain title. Very exciting stuff.

Check out the video below thanks to  and check out highlights of the Jones vs. Belfort fight here.

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  • JMC says:

    Anderson Silva no doubt. GSP is slimy though, trying to get Anderson to drop to 170, saying: “Anderson can play with his weight with no problems I can’t.” That´s just unworthy a champion to immediately try and get an edge like that. Referring to a fight in Andersons shoto days more than 11 years ago. What a douche GSP is.

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