Brian Stann thought he beat Michael Bisping at UFC 152


This past weekend at UFC 152, Michael Bisping edged out Brian Stann to take the judges scorecards and move him one step closer to a UFC middleweight title shot.

Interestingly, Stann does not agree with the judges decision and feels he did enough to beat the Brit. He also said that UFC President Dana White also felt the same way.

“[I’m] disappointed obviously. Dana came back after the fight and told me he thought I won the fight. Of course I am going to be biased, I was in there and I thought I won. I have to take an analytical view. I knew it was going to be close, but I thought I won the fight. I think I could still fight the good contenders, I don’t think I go back to fighting the up and comers. I think if I get two big wins in a row, I can get right back to a fight that means something. There are a lot of us to who have gotten there, fall down and then come back. That is what I have to do.” – UFC on FUEL TV post-fight show (thanks to MMA Torch)

With the decision going the way it did, Bisping hopes to get a crack at Anderson Silva’s middleweight strap. However, Stann does not want to fall down the ladder too far, as he would like to still take on top contenders not ‘up and comers’.

Who did you feel won the fight?

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  • David says:

    I have a LOT of respect for Brian Stann, but Michael Bisping won that fight fair and square. Was it close? Yes. But Bisping fought like a champion, and the Brit deserved the victory. Much credit to both fighters though.

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