Dana White believes Jon Jones still has a lot to prove in P4P rankings

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has beaten a who’s-who’s list of opponents. Those include 5 former 205lbs title holders, Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida, Mauricio Rua and Vitor Belfort.

That seems like quite the task, however UFC President Dana White does not feel that it puts the champ on top of the pound-for-pound rankings. He mentioned to  ESPN.co.uk that UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva and welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre have earned the top 2 spots in his eyes.

“[Georges St. Pierre] is my number two. Jon Jones is getting there. Jon Jones proved a lot — to a lot of people — in that fight (against Vitor Belfort). Staying in that armbar, popping out of it like he wasn’t even in an armbar, continuing to fight the way that he did, kept himself together mentally. He came a long way. My thing is, I don’t ever give Jon Jones the huge … these other guys, Anderson Silva’s been doing it since 2005 in the UFC, Georges St. Pierre’s been doing it forever. Jon Jones has been on a tear for a year and a half. He’s had some problems. Time will tell. We’ll see what happens, where he ends up. At the rate he’s going, he’s on his way to number one and possibly going down as one of the greatest ever, too.”

Many people do not believe in pound-for-pound rankings, however those three fighters are in most peoples top 3.




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