UFC 153 Silva vs. Bonnar – Cheap Seat Timeline


Here at MMASucka we want to give you the best seat for tonight’s UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar main card. Well sort of, we will be bringing you the best Tweets of the night. This will be a live on-going feature that will keep you on your toes. It’s bound to get a tad quirky at times so hold on.

With that we bring you “MMASucka’s UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar – Cheap Seat Timeline.”

(All times are Eastern Standard)

Here’s an early one:

9:10 – @iamjohnpollock – Tibau and Nogueira have the same anti-aging cream

One more:


Now to the main card. Have fun Twitterverse. #UFC152 #CheapSeatTimeline

10:00 – @danawhite – Now to the main card. Here we go!!! We’re LIVE on pay-per-view Silva vs Bonnar!!!

10:04 – @BlackManUSA – AWESOME!!! Silva is fighting tonight!!!! Wait- that means we’re going to see Steven Segal. Son of a-

10:13 – @MMAFighting – So far this is pretty much what Maia did to Kim, minus the early fight-ending injury.

10:14 – @Jorge_Conquistda – Maia with a quick takedown & once on top he wasn’t gonna be shook off… Congrats to Maia

10:16 – @ShitJoeRoganSays – I’ve never seen someone’s nose turn into a cherry slushy machine before.

Demian Maia defeats Rick Story by Submission (RNC) at 2:30 R1

10:20 – @MMAdamMartin – Joe Rogan: “Someone tried to steal Wagner Prado’s hat and he was like “NO WAY BITCH.” Wow.

10:23 – @benfowlkesMMA – If you’re Phil Davis, how are you not going to be intimidated by Prado’s hat recovery? The man is clearly on point tonight.

10:26 – @Swissykin – the fan telegraphed the snatch, wagner was able to capitalize on his mistake and counter

10:29 – @MMAFighting – Davis dominating on the ground. Fernando Yamasaki likely screaming for a standup from the locker room.

10:30 – @jeremybotter – Prado repeatedly grabs the fence, silence from the audience. One punch to the back of Prado’s head, the Brazilians freak out.

10:32 – @3amMMA – i want to sit down and talk to Corn Nuts about why they’re so angry

10:33 – @ScottFitzTaylor – Andre 3000 from Outkast is killin’ it in the UFC right now.

10:36 – @spencerkyte – That was a clinic by Phil Davis.

10:37 – @TheFlyingKneeTO – Complete and utter domination. #UFC153

10:39 – @DamonMartin – I’m surprised Phil Davis was able to lock up that submission before the referee stood them up #UFC153

Phil Davis defeats Wagner Prado by submission (anaconda choke) at 4:29 R2

10:43 – @dallas_w – Whenever I see the name “Silva” in a fight, “Silva by KO” is usually a pretty strong bet

10:45 – @jordanbreen – Josuel Distak, Rogerio Camoes, Amaury Bitetti and Wallid Ismail. Probably the wildest corner combo you’ll get at a UFC this year.

10:46 – @MMAJunkieMatt – Still one of my favorite walkout songs ever when Fitch walks to the late, great Johnny Cash’s cover of “Rusty Cage” by Soundgarden.

10:50 – @lvmma – Jon Fitch. Ugh. Lets go Silva! #ufc153

10:52 – @JoeJitsu – 2 of the better heads of hair in the #UFC goin at it right now!

10:54 – @stevecofield – Erick Silva might want to cut the crap with the karate stance. Making it easier for Fitch to execute his only path to victory.

10:58 – @James_Brydon – Silva’s fight tonight has already lasted longer than all of his previous UFC fight combined #FitchStyle

10:59 – @TB_Money – You can’t choke Fitch, bitch!

11:00 – @benfowlkesMMA – Never thought I’d say this, but this Jon Fitch fight is awesome.

11:02 – @ufc – This is a great fight, and it’s a Fitch fight – do make a note of it! #UFC153

11:04 – @jordanbreen – Jon Fitch, fighting like a dude who is widely irrationally disliked and spends time doing media about how he needs more loot. I love it.

11:04 – @RondaRousey – Coolest escapes this round….and last round… Nice to see brazillian fans appreciate grappling so much…

11:06 – @TommyToeHold – Well, I enjoyed a Jon Fitch fight, so I guess the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. #UFC153

11:06 @cagepotatomma – Good Lord. I think Fitch wanted to destroy something beautiful.

11:07 – @GameMisconduct1 – Fitch going all Ralphie on Flick! #AChristmasStory

Jon Fitch defeats Erick Silva by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 X2)

11:17 – @mmajunkiegeorge: texeira couldn’t get a visa to fight in the usa. yet we’re now about to watch him do his thing in brazil. #irony

11:19 – @BloodyElbow – Maldonado’s belly is jiggling like Santa Clause’s

11:22 – @ShowdownJoe – Be glad this fight isn’t airing on FOX – #BeatDown

11:22 – @SBNLukeThomas – This is likely what Teixeira would’ve done to Rampage, too.

11:24 – @mauroranallo – Maldonado escapes an arm triangle choke but Teixeira still has full mount.Somehow Maldonado gets to his feet and HURTS Teixeira.CRAZY!

11:26 – @shaunalshatti – Okay, I don’t care how insane that got towards the end, this fight should’ve been stopped a long time ago. This is brutal to watch.

11:27 – @Bauzen – Fabio Maldonado had hair when this fight started. Now he’s balding.

11:29 – @GamblorNeonClaw – Somewhere out there, Pat Curran is watching his Beatdown Of The Year fly out the window

11:34 – @JoshGrossESPN – Good stoppage by the doctor. Fabio Maldonado is too tough for his own good. Impressive effort by Glover Teixeira.

11:34 – @chrishorodecki – Just became a biiig Maldonado fan!!

11:36 – @fightlinker – This isnt going to make anyone more eager to step into the cage against teixeira

11:37 – @mauroranallo – Teixeira calls out his original opponent “Rampage” Jackson.

11:41 – @MMAHaiku – Deciding this fight / only a brain hemorrhage / Super Mario. #ufc153

Glover Texeira defeats Fabio Maldonado by TKO (doctor’s stoppage) at 5:00 R2

11:42 – @brentbrookhouse – Nogueira, guys. Nogueira

11:44 – @leash_b – Coming out to Michel Telo is a good idea when in Brasil! Love it! 🙂

11:48 – @MMASupremacy – So, everyone has Herman in this one, right? #mma #UFC #brazil

11:50 – @maggiehendricks – I wanted to make a “Heathers”/Corn Nuts joke, but there isn’t an appropriate clip on YT. What kind of internet is this?

11:51 – @Bauzen – Big Nog just fed Yamasaki a carrot.

11:52 – @MMABeatdown – Big Nog is exactly what Brendon Frasier’s character from Encino Man would look like today.

11:54 – @Shadowboxer – Nogueira’s face appears to be constructed out of old stitched together baseball gloves.

11:55 – @drjcbenjamin – Look how much smaller Nog’s right arm is than his left after the fracture…tapping is far better for your career than snapping

11:57 – @mmahotstuff – nooo grrrr dave herman’s corner just told him he won that round. cornerman 101 dude NEVER tell your guy that. even I know that #UFC153

12:00 – @mmaencyclopedia – If only for a moment Herman has convinced me he IS invulnerable to BJJ!

12:01 – @cagepotatomma – JIU JITSU WORKS!!!!!! #ufc153 #bignog

12:04 – @MMAJunkieJohn – There is simply nothing like the sound and feel of HSBC Arena after a Minotauro win. Heard it twice now, and it is magical.

12:06 – @dukeroufus – I love to Strike but Jiu Jitsu works in MMA Dave Herman!

12:07 – @bum_joe – an armbar so good, it made anderson silva cry. @RondaRousey added it to her armbar porn collection

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira defeats Dave Herman by submission (armbar) at 4:31 R2

12:10 – @TheTomasRios – “Anderson Silva is the greatest, but Stephan Bonnar is a biiiig duuuuuude.” – Joe Rogan, verbatim. Seriously.

12:12 – @TommyToeHold – I predict Silva will hug Bonnar and whisper in his ear after three bloody rounds, “Ain’t gonna be no rematch.” #RockyVII #UFC153

12:17 – @bokamotoESPN – Is Anderson Silva bad enough to pull off the sweater tied around the waist look to the Octagon? You bet he is.

12:18 – @arjun_siva – Loving this DMX version of ain’t no sunshine that Anderson Silva is walking out to.

12:20 – @jeremybotter – I guess Steven Segal’s fantasy camp subscription finally ran out.

12:21 – @RyanJimmo – What’s the world coming to when my mother sends me a link that’s she uses to watch fights so I can see silva vs bonner?

12:25 – @James_brydon – Bonnar with a spin kick against the cage and Silva just side steps it. Yeah, he’s toying with him

12:27 – @MMAdamMartin – Anderson Silva is the BEST!!!!!!

12:27 – @mmahotstuff – Oh no. Can we see that again? #UFC153 Pretty please / pretty knees?

12:27 – @MikeChiapetta – Anderson Silva toys with Stephan Bonnar for nearly the whole first, then flattens him with a knee and finishes. G’night. #UFC153

12:28 – @MiddleEasy – Anderson Silva just finished Stephan Bonnar. Not even Jon Jones could do that. I’ll let you work out the MMA math.

12:29 – @JasonNawara – Anderson Silva is fucking incredible. That could be one of the best performances I’ve ever seen in any sport in my life. #UFC153

12:32 – @shawn_w_smith – Bonnar did exactly what he should have done and Anderson laughed in his face.

Anderson Silva defeats Stephan Bonnar by TKO at 4:40 R1

That does it for an exciting night of action at UFC 153. Thanks for joining us for the  #CheapSeatTimeline

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