Tyrone Spong's 'King of The Ring' mini-documentary

If you’ve ever seen him in a 20-by-20 ring doing some Street Fighter shit on his opponents you’ve probably established that the dudes a certified badass. What you might not know about Tyrong Spong is about his energetic personality and intersting back story.

I am just going to assume that you have watched ‘The Reem’ documentary series on Alistair Overeem before, and if you haven’t open a tab and get to work.  Eldar Gross, the man who brought the web-based series on the K-1 and Strikeforce heavyweight king is back and working with the  Dutch-Surinamese kickboxer.

Spong is set to retire from kickboxing. Maybe. Sort of. Probably not. But he is slated to meet the baddest Dutch lumberjack on the planet, three-time K-1 champion Peter Aerts. So follow Spong as he prepares to fight a true legend in the sport and maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about him while you’re at it.

Watch the documentary


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