Matt Brown picks up fourth win in a row with KO over Mike Swick


SEATTLE – The UFC on FOX 5 fight card kicked off with a bang, as Mike Swick took on Matt Brown.

To begin the first round, there was absolutely no feeling out process, just two men swinging. Brown ended up on his back, but threw up a triangle attempt that Swick was able to defend.

Round two began the same, with both men swinging. Brown landed a beautiful left-right-left combo to drop Swick like falling tree at 2:31 of the second round.

The victory is Brown’s fourth in a row, not just in a row, but fourth win in 2012.

Brown spoke with the media following the fight and said he thought he had both submission attempts that he went for.

“I thought I had him on both of those submission attempts. The first one I couldn’t tell if it was quite tight enough but I was trying to bide my time while I decided what my next move was. I was planning on transitioning to either an omoplata or a triangle. He stifled the omoplata transition so I moved onto the triangle. I thought it was extremely tight but he gutted it out and was able to push through. Glad I was able to connect with the shot and get the finish.”

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