MMASucka Knockout of the Year: Edson Barboza over Terry Etim

UFC 142: Barboza v Etim

When it came to MMASucka voting, ideas were all over the place. When it came to fighter of the year, or fight of the year, things were close.

That was until we got to knockout of the year. There was one knockout which stood above the rest, one which was heads and shoulders more damaging, violent, and beautiful.

Edson Barboza’s spinning back-kick victory over Terry Etim was not only a knock-out of the year contender, but could easily rank as one of the greatest knock-outs in the history of the sport.

After two rounds of mediocre back and forth action, and the crowd restless, Barboza unleashed the kick which shocked fans around the world. Perhaps it was not as much the kick itself as Etim’s reaction. Like a toy soldier, Etim was stiff on the fall and remained that way upon hitting the mat. Damaging, violent, and beautiful.



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