Ustream apologizes to Invicta FC fans


Following a major malfunction during Saturday nights Invicta FC 4 fight card, the good folks at Ustream issued an apology via email today.

Ustream would like to sincerely apologize for the technical issues that occurred Saturday night with the Invicta fights. The problems were due to a failure with our beta payment processor server, but please be assured that we have identified and resolved the issue and we don’t expect this to occur again in the future.

We are issuing refunds today for all ticket purchases, however it may take 2-3 business days for it to display on your credit card statement.

Again, please accept our sincere apology for this problem. Ustream is committed to customer satisfaction and we hope you’ll return again in the future.

According to Ustream President Brad Hunstable, Invicta was not to blame at all, in fact it was due to the highest pay-per-view buys that Ustream had ever seen.

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“First off, let me just say how apologetic and sorry we are for what happened for the fans,” Hunstable today told Radio. “I’m a big MMA fan. I’ve been in the community for years, and I don’t like it when any of our broadcasters have issues, let alone a sport that I love and am passionate about. I take it especially serious, especially in this case. 

Unfortunately what happened was – and the issue was on Ustream’s end, it was not on Invicta’s end – was that believe it or not, our payment system, which is in sort of a beta program at the moment, got overloaded.

There were too many tickets being sold. We’ve done lots of pay-per-views over the last year, from the UFC to the Rugby World Cup to working with World Cup-qualifying soccer matches. The load of tickets being sold, we just hadn’t seen a level of that to date, and that’s ultimately what happened.

I’ve seen the data myself. It’s pretty clear that this was the most popular pay-per-view that we’ve seen on Ustream.”

The above statement was from today’s episode of Radio in which Hunstable was a guest.

Invicta FC 4 took place this past Saturday night at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. This was the first time the organization had put their card on PPV.

Check out full Invicta FC 4 results HERE and you can watch the entire Invicta FC 4 replay HERE.


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