While you slept Kimbo Slice collected another knockout [Video inside]

Kevin Ferguson, more prominently referred to by his moniker ‘Kimbo Slice’ collected his seventh-straight victory as a boxer and it didn’t give us a dull moment.

The street-brawler-turned-mixed-martial-artist-turned-boxer was meeting Brisbane-based heavyweight Shane Tilyard, a knockout artist in his own right and both men left it all in the ring.

The large gloves were flying from the opening bell and Tilyard drew first blood putting the former EliteXC poster-boy on wobbly legs but Slice was soon to fire back and wound up finding a sweet spot on the chin of his Australian foe as well.

As the second frame began the headhunters had slowed significantly and Slice began rib roasting with his body shots. Once Tilyard missed throwing a looping haymaker he left the door wide open for a liver shot that sent him to the floor signaling the end of the co-feature.

Here is the video for those of you who enjoy a little mindless plunder, courtesy of gif champion Zombie Prophet.


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