TUF 17 report: Episode 5

The episode begins with a recap of last week’s show and Colin Hart getting control for Team Jones for the first time, setting up Bubba McDaniel versus Kelvin Gastelum.

Jones explains that picking Kelvin to fight was strategic, citing that he was the weakest link on their team. Sonnen concedes that his fighter will be the underdog but insists that he has a fighting chance.

For added motivation the former middleweight title-challenger gets Ronda Rousey on the phone. Gastelum is a fan of the women’s bantamweight queen who tells him if he’ successful in his fight she will come to teach a class in Vegas.

Opposing coaches Jones and Sonnen have a strange back-and-forth conversation regarding McDaniel before shaking hands and going on their way, exactly what people want to see when building a grudge match.

A fun scene back at the house as Sonnen is there with his team while they play a game of charades.  Meanwhile, McDaniel is outside contemplating his life and career choice leading up to the fight, which he dedicates to his daughter Emma.

Gastelum, the 21-year-old, discusses his mother coming to the US from Mexico and his goal to give her a better life.

Josh Samman discusses his injuries and says he could fight next week but would prefer more time to heal and prepare.

Keith Kizer is on scene for weigh-ins again with both men reaching the middleweight mark. At the weigh-ins, Sonnen’s team feels McDaniel is underestimating the youngster.

Bubba McDaniel vs. Kelvin Gastelum

Round one:

McDaniel charges in and his forward motion is used against him, as Gastelum takes the bout to the mat and gains top position. Scrambling to the floor, the unbeaten Gastelum seeks a guillotine-choke but McDaniel fights to get a dominate position. McDaniel takes the back of the young Mexican fighter, eventually getting both hooks in. Gastelum fights to his feet but McDaniel keeps a waist lock. McDaniel drags him down again but Kelvin scrambles and gets dominate position. McDaniel flips for an armbar and is unable to finish. McDaniels takes back control again and looks for the choke. On the feet McDaniel tries a side kick before Gastelum shoots for a takedown and winds up scrambling on the floor again. The round concludes with McDaniel on the floor and Gastelum in top position.

MMA Sucka sores it 10-9 McDaniel

Round two:

The round begins with a stiff knee from Gastelum. McDaniel attempts a throw but falls to the floor with the unbeaten fighter joining him. McDaniel gets dominate position, eventually taking the back before getting shaken off. Gastelum locks in a rear naked choke which looks imperfect, but if enough for the submission.

Rousey is on the phone again, congratulating Gastelum on his victory and saying she will be down to teach a class.

Sonnen sets up this week’s fight with Tor Troeng facing Josh Samman.


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