TUF report: episode 6

The show began with a recap of Josh Samman politicking his way through the series and Kelvin Gastelum’s upset victory over Bubba McDaniel. Tonight Tor Troeng meets Samman.

Both coaches make their case for why their fighters will be victorious. The Sonnen crew have a bit of fun making a “Thor” hammer for Tor, improving on the model back at the house.

In the gym, Sonnen’s team is side tracked by Urijah Hall, who was sparring too hard and hurting his partners while his teammates considering the knockout artist a selfish fighter.

Troend, the Swedish star is an unassuming fighter. Shades of Fedor Emelianenko, the approachable big man could easily be mistaken for anything but a fighter. His job working with math doesn’t help any.

Samman has attempted to take a leadership role in the house and does not impress his fellow housemates, lecturing them on food intake and correcting them as the fellow fighters mock him for being like a father.

Samman tells the story of his doctor telling him he could potentially lose his leg and how it gave him a greater appreciation for life. Raised by a single mother, he fights to escape the mundane and to be something special in life.

Gilbert Smith suggests that fighters pick their semi-finals opponent to remove the suspense. Hall chimes in picking his teammate Luke Barnatt. Team Sonnen aren’t impressed with this, saying they’d like him to go to the other team.

Sitting around the campfire, Hall is chatting with Team Jones. He admits he shouldn’t have called out his teammate but refuses to give any dirt about Troeng and gets real annoyed at the questioning.

Hall gets upset and out of nowhere asks Adam Cella if “he’s a bitch like his girl” and how it eats at him since he was bullied as a kid and later apologizes for that statement.

The group go to the Red Rock bowling, with Sonnen challenging Jones to a five frame game with the loser coaching a session in the opposing team’s jersey. Sonnen got the upper hand and didn’t let go, narrowly defeating Jones.

The UFC light heavyweight kingpin ran out of there to the laughter of everyone in what was a bizarre scene.

Both men are on point for the weigh-ins with Troeng at 186 pounds, Samann at 185 pounds.

Josh Samman vs. Tor Troeng

Round one:

The American charges forward with a flurry of punches before being tied up by Troeng. Pressing Samman against the cage, both men are battling for position, while Samman was having success winding up with his ferocious knee. Troeng gets a trip takedown against the cage, winding up inside the Team Jones fighters guard. Troeng had slight success with his ground-and-pound but Samann eventually got the fight back standing, pressing him against the cage and unloading with a trio of hard shots. A fiery knee from Troeng stuns Samman. The Swede slips on the escape, almost eating a shot to the mouth for it. Troeng blocks a high kick and with one shot, Samman drops him to the floor and it’s all over.


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