TUF 17 report: Episode 8


The episode begins with a rundown of the past week’s festivities with Jimmy Quinlan triumphing over Clint Hester and setting up Dylan Andrews meeting Zac Cummings. Plus teasing the wild card announcement.

Bubba McDaniel is chatting at the house with Adam Cella, discussing possibly getting a shot at redemption.

Andrews, the last picked member of Team Jones discusses finding a gym and the beginning of his career. The Aussie talks about his brothers squandering their potential over drugs and how he won’t go down that road.

Andrews connects with Urijah Hall back at the house, discussing how he hates fighting yet it’s something he’s good at and doesn’t have any other options.

Cummings chats his choices in life, and the path of being a pro fighter. The favorite to prevail tonight is a wild card for his coaches who agree that he has a lot of potential but concede there are a lot of question marks surrounding him.

Coaches challenge time! It’s dubbed “dig this” with three difference competitions while driving excavators, the winner getting $10,000 and each of his students get $1500.

First they must fill a fourteen yard dumpster with dirt. Then create a pyramid of three large tyres before picking up a basketball and putting it inside the tyre.

Chael Sonnen narrowly got the victory, Jon Jones actually got to the final stage first but the basketball bounced outside of the type, giving Sonnen the chance to jump in and take the victory.

Weigh-in time, both men make weight with each making the 185 pound mark without any issues.

Zac Cummings vs. Dylan Andrews

Round one:

Andrews counters right away, hitting his straight-right. Cummings pushes Andrews against the fence, fishing for a single-leg. The Aussie manages to keep it standing and return to a striking match. Andrews hits Cummings before shooting but Cummings stuffs it and takes control of him on the mat. Cummings is connecting with his elbows, Andrews is playing defensive on the floor. Cummings gets mount momentarily but Andrews explodes and finds top position in Cummings’ guard. A bloodied Andrews begins to get his ground and pound going, connecting with punches and elbows. Zac tries to escape but eats an elbow for it. In half-guard, Andrews is punishing Cummings with elbows, relentlessly attacking as the buzzer sounds, 10-9 Andrews.

Round two:

Cummings throws a failed spinning hook kick that Andrews high fives him for. Cummings tags Andrews, and charges towards him, flying through the air with a punch but ultimately got put on his back for it. The Aussie passes to half-guard and finds openings with punches, although his American counterpart isn’t making it as easy this time. Elbows start raining from Andrews, Cummings attempts to explode out of the position but Andrews isn’t going to allow it. Andrews lands a nice punch. Cummings pushes with his foot against the cage to get out but actually creates more space for his adversary. Andrews continues to find a home for his punches and elbows. Cummings bucks Andrews off late but there is no time to do anything as the round expires, 10-9 Andrews (20-18 Andrews)

Dylan Andrews def. Zac Cummings by majority decision (20-18, 20-18, 19-19)

As a twist from other seasons, usually Dana White determines the wildcard participants but he is handing the duty over to the coaches.

Sonnen wastes no time selecting Kevin Casey. Jones has to select between Clint Hester and Bubba McDaniel, the UFC light heavyweight champ suggests flipping a coin to determine who goes through but both decline.

Jones sided with training partner from Albuquerque, New Mexico, McDaniel who obviously will face Casey next week.

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