Road to the Pro’s w/ Fraser Jordan #6 – No rest for the wicked


Things certainly seem to be coming together for me since I signed with my new manager at Epok Agency. I feel more organized and well supported at this point, and ready for a great 2013 fight year. The last month has been a great shift towards a better routine for school and training. My girlfriend and I have settled in our house which is allowing me to train more often and balance life a little better.

I have also started to drive down to Victoria to train with the guys at Zuma as often as I can. The training has been great with so many excellent athletes coming out of that camp. It is a great reminder of the talent level of fighters out there and I am really happy to have the opportunity. The training is grueling and the three hour drive both ways on the weekend has been difficult. It’s tough being from such a small community. I do have a handful of great training partners that can really push me, but travel is just a reality of this business.

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I plan to go to Zuma this weekend. To give you an idea of how hectic things are, my 5 year old son will be picked up at 8 am before I head to school on Friday. I will leave for Victoria after school, around noon (after stopping at home to let the dogs out). I arrive in Victoria around 4 p.m. and getting settled, train Friday night and then Saturday morning and have to be back home by 5 to pick up my son. From there I’ll make dinner, get him settled, have a few hours of time for homework and then off to work for the night at 11 p.m.. The weekend is a blur of highway, training and fatigue, but this is a must and the team there has been incredibly welcoming and great to work with. No one ever said being a fighter was easy.

Over the last month I have had a few near-fight opportunities but none have worked out. Being offered a fight is a rush of adrenaline, and the excitement is almost instant. It’s difficult to come back down when the fight doesn’t work out, but that is the fight business. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to put on a card and I am thankful to only have the one thing to think about come fight time. I am excited for my next fight and hope to have another blog very soon to talk about my next step.

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