TUF 17 report: Episode 12


The show begins setting up both fights for tonight with Dylan Andrews meeting Urijah Hall and Josh Samman against Kelvin Gastelum in the evening’s semi-finals.

The crew goes to Harley Davidson boot camp, as the series winner will receive a bike (that they’re apparently not allowed to ride) with each customizing their ride.

Josh Samman (Team Jones) vs. Kelvin Gastelum (Team Sonnen)

Round one:

Touch of gloves, Samman opens proceedings with a nice leg kick. Gastelum fires a trio of punches, closes the distance and takes Samman to the canvas. The Team Sonnen fighter passes to take full-guard. Samman hits with a pair of hammer fists, Gastelum circling and looking for a neck, allowing Samman to stand. Clinched against the fence, Samman hits with some nice knees. Gastelum drags Samman to the floor again and stands unloading with punches and elbows against the fence. Gastelum works in side control with elbows, back to full-guard. Following Sonnen’s advice clearly, Gastelum is having a lot of success with his ground-and-pound. Samman grabs the fence momentarily but Gastelum drags him backwards into rear-naked-choke and forces the tap.

Post-fight Samman says he is shocked by this defeat. Gastelum is stoked to be headed to the finale against the winner of Andrews and Hall.

Sonnen explains that Hall is a contender in the UFC’s middleweight division, that Hall can beat anyone in the 185 pound division, pointing to Anderson Silva’s photo.

Jones feels that aggression is the key for Andrews in dealing with Hall, as he is confident after damn-near killing two opponents in the lead up to this fight.

Urijah Hall (Team Sonnen) vs. Dylan Andrews (Team Jones)

Round one:

Steve Mazzagatti is the third man in the cage, Hall tags Andrews with some nice boxing and a failed high kick. Hall is dancing around Andrews, landing nice body blows. The New Zealander tries to clinch, is rejected early. Hall attempts a hook kick and misses. Hall lands with a low kick, Andrews answers with an overhand right. The knockout artist’s striking looks crisp, underrated jab work. The Team Sonnen fighter hits with the low kick again, a nice head punch. Hall snaps another leg kick, rips to the body. Front kick to the leg from Hall, Andrews answers with a low kick. Hook from Hall, followed by a leg kick. Andrews explodes with a punch to no avail. Andrews with a leg kick, Hall answers with another front kick to his thigh. Hall closes the round with a jumping enzeguri kick, 10-9 Hall.

Round two:

Hall throws a head kick but it’s blocked. Hall looks confident, taunting the adopted Aussie. Hall with his jab again, excellent work. Dylan has a bloodied nose, shoots for a takedown and is shrugged off. Andrews hits a nice overhand right, walking right into the jab of Hall though. Andrews explodes with a hook but misses. Hall is confident to sit on the outside and jab, Andrews closes the distance and pushes him against the fence. Andrews slams Hall to the floor. Andrews hits with pitter-patter punches, Hall working for a kimura from the bottom. Andrews just continues to punch the side of Hall, even when his arm is locked in that kimura. Andrews takes full-guard, Hall is attacking from the bottom, turns the tables and unloads with punched to the back of Andrews to get the finish with seconds on the clock.

Gastelum and Hall square off for their finale fight, Hall going for a hadouken which would be the only way he would top his other KO.

Final scene wraps up the series, and the final fight between Hall and Gastelum.

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