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Official Weigh-In Results for Legend FC 11


International MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) organization Legend Fighting Championship held their pre-event weigh-in for Legend 11 today at the Swiss Garden Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. All twenty-four fighters made weight and are now in final preparations for the tournament in 24 hours’ time, which will showcase Lightweight, Bantamweight and Welterweight Title fights. Legend 11 will take place at Chin Woo Stadium on Saturday, April 27, with the first fight the main card beginning at 8 PM.


  • Lightweight Championship: Koji Ando (70.38 kg.) vs. Jadamba Narantungalag (70.24 kg.)
  • Welterweight Championship: Luke Jumeau (77.16 kg.) vs. Li Jingliang (77.02 kg.)
  • Bantamweight Championship: Agustin Delarmino Jr. (60.96 kg.) vs. Ji Xian (61.24 kg.)


  • Yang Hae Jun (93.12 kg.) vs. Sam Brown (93.08 kg.)
  • Yusuke Kasuya (70.4 kg.) vs. Damien Brown (70.34 kg.)
  • Hideto Tatsumi (84.24 kg.) vs. Gareth Ealey (84.22 kg.)
  • Choi Yeong Gwang (66.42 kg.) vs. Ev Ting (66.24 kg.)


  • Gugun Gusman (60.08 kg.) vs. Sam Chan (61.50 kg.)
  • Kai Kara-France (61.14 kg.) vs. Danaa Batgerel (61.24 kg.)
  • Ruel Catalan (60.5 kg.) vs. Jo Nam Jin (61.48 kg.)
  • Tenglige (61.5 kg.) vs. Baasankhuu Damlanpurev (61.38 kg.)
  • Rocky Lee (66 kg.) vs. Muhammad Hanif Bin Zainal (66.08 kg.)

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