Road to the Pro’s w/ Fraser Jordan #7 – Training Camp


I’m living the life of a student, employee, father, and fighter all at once. Things are always interesting.

The month of April became a blur of papers, exams, training, and work. Finally the school year is over and that means it’s time for a proper training camp. I am set to fight in June and I’m just waiting for an opponent; a pattern which seems to be happening more and more often. I’m the type of fighter who likes to have an opponent to focus on and train for. It helps me stay motivated when  early morning training sessions or long travel get to me. Knowing that someone else is doing the same thing focusing on you is always motivating.

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I received a big boost this week with the news that a good friend of mine and training partner Mike Hackert is coming home for May and June. This means I have gained an incredible training partner and someone that I have trained with for years. Not only does this increase the amount I will be pushed in this camp but it increases my comfort level a great deal. Mike is a very gifted fighter with a great deal of knowledge which he is capable of sharing. He understands fighting and can see areas to improve in very well, which is a great benefit.

I can’t wait to announce my next fight, but for the time being I’ll play the waiting game. I am training hard. Tonight, I am off to wrestling with one of my wrestling coaches, former Guelph team captian Matt Sparling.

From here until June, life is all about training to be at my best, one grueling workout at a time.

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