British Columbia appoints Dave Maedel as Athletic Commissioner


British Columbia has taken its next step in getting professional MMA sanctioned, as they have officially appointed former Chief Sheriff of BC Sheriff Services Dave Maedel as the provinces first Athletic Commissioner.

According to the government website, Maedel is an accomplished public servant. Starting in 1984, he worked as a paramedic and earned positions of increasing responsibility—ultimately running the Ambulance Service on Vancouver Island. In 1996, Maedel earned his Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Victoria. Most recently, he has served as the Chief Sheriff of the BC Sheriff Service. In this role, he led the modernization of duties, training and leadership in the sheriff service.

Outside of work, he is active in the sporting community where he referees minor hockey and holds a C-level certification as a youth soccer coach.

Maedel has been recognized with the Justice Institute of BC Distinguished Alumni Award, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Emergency Medical Service Exemplary Services medal.

Beginning on May 30th, 2013, the BC Athletic Commissioner commenced its operations.  Promoters, contestants, matchmakers, seconds, and officials require licenses issued by the Athletic Commissioner before they can plan or participate in a professional boxing or MMA event.  In addition, licensed promoters must ensure their planned event is permitted by the Athletic Commissioner.

There are multiple organizations vying to bring professional mixed martial arts back to Vancouver, including MFC, AFC, BFL, and Fivestar Fight League. Of course, most fans are hoping to see another UFC event brought to Vancouver sooner than later.


  1. This choice of the former Chief Sheriff of BC would seem to indicate two things. First of all, the province has abandoned it’s foolish concept to turn athletic regulation over to a corporation. Secondly, they seem to have gained an understanding that regulation of prize fighting is essentially a law enforcement job. These were two things that I was hoping to see. This choice seems like a good first step. Maedel’s background in Emergency Medical Services is very useful. Unfortunately his background in minor hockey and youth soccer won’t help him very much. He’ll need to learn very quickly about the world of professional sport, prize money, and combat sports in particular.

  2. This guy was a clown as head of the sheriff’s. Pretty much brain dead. He was brain dead when he worked for ambulance services. And will be brain dead now.


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