Fight Music w/ UFC women’s fighter Alexis Davis

At UFC 161 Canada’s own Alexis Davis will make her Octagon debut against the very talented Rosi Sexton, further adding to the roster of MMA women. When Davis is getting in the mood to punch her opponent in the face she doesn’t listen to hip hop or anything like that. She really likes to rock out and listen to some good ol’ ‘Nine Inch Nails’.

Check out what she has to say about her favorite group below:

“Only because I’m a big fan of ‘Nine Inch Nails’ and I heard ‘Nine Inch Nails’ the other day, when I hear anything from ‘Nine Inch Nails’ it gets me pumped up. I’m thinking of two songs in general, one is ‘March of the Pigs’ and the other one I don’t think I can say on the radio. (For your information the song is ‘Star Fucker’). Usually when I’m training it’s whatever the coach decides, but I listen to a lot of that when I run and stuff.”

“March of the Pigs”



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