Carina Damm submits fake urine sample, subsequently fails drug test

| has confirmed with the Ohio State Athletic Commission that Carina Damm submitted a fake urine test for her bout against Jessica Eye, and subsequently failed the test.

Carina Damm submits fake urine sample, subsequently fails drug test

Yesterday, rumors started coming out that flyweight Carina Damm, sister of the UFC’s Rodrigo Damm, had tested positive for steroids for the second time in her career. The initial disclosure came from her last opponent, Jessica Eye, who defeated her in what was termed “Fight of the Night” on June 1st, as part of a North American Allied Fighting Series card. In a Twitter post made on June 20th, Eye made reference to the positive test result.

 MMA Sucka TV logo contacted the Ohio State Athletic Commission for confirmation of these rumors, and spoke with Executive Director Bernie Profato. What Profato revealed was much more shocking than a simple failed drug test. It turns that while Carina Damm’s urine test was negative for banned substances, it also tested negative for actually being urine. Damm apparently handed a sample cup of a non-urine substance to the female attendant in the room with her while she was supposed to provide her sample. The sample was then handed to the doctor assigned to the card, who then handed that and the five other samples taken that night to Executive Director Profato, who sent them off to the lab for testing.

Concerns were initially voiced in the chain of evidence when the trauma doctor on the site noted that the urine in Damm’s sample was “a little clear” and felt “cool” instead of warm. These suspicions were later confirmed when the laboratory responsible for the the OSAC’s drug testing contacted them with a request to perform additional testing on the Brazilian flyweight’s sample, due to certain inconsistencies. The follow-up testing confirmed these suspicions, and Carina Damm will be suspended and fined under Ohio State Athletic Commission Code 1-3773-1-12, Section F.

Failure of any contestant to supply a urine or blood sample when requested by a person designated by the Ohio athletic commission, shall subject the contestant to a suspension of not more than one year for the first offense. A second and all subsequent failures or refusals to provide a requested urine or blood sample shall be considered as grounds for license revocation.

The Ohio State Athletic Commission is giving Carina Damm the opportunity to appeal, with a hearing tentatively set for August 13th. If Damm goes ahead, the commission will then have the discretion to either maintain the 6 month suspension set forth by the executive commissioner, reduce or even waive it, or increase the penalty to its maximum level. “It’s a bigger crime to hide the crime than to commit the crime,” Profato said about the situation, noting that Damm may be worse off for her attempts to cover up for a potential positive test than she would have been for simply failing.

Jessica Eye could not be reached for further comment as of press time. The following tweet would seem to explain her feelings, though.

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