Tweetstars of the Day (06/24/2013) – Dr. Ann Maria De Mars

Tweetstars of the Day (06/24/2013)

There is always somebody cracking jokes about MMA, whether it’s fighters, writers or fans. Some of them are even pretty funny, and we’re going to share with you the three best tweets of the day from fighters, fans, and the media. Today we’ve got Dizz from Talk MMA planning a the cabinet for his presidential run, MMASucka’s very own Allen Strk trying to get Mauro Ranallo yet another job, and Dr. Ann Maria De Mars (AKA Ronda Rousey’s mom) doing things she’d never imagined.

Tweetstars of the Day (06/24/2013) – Dr. Ann Maria De Mars

#1) Pat Healy as the VP, and Nam Phan as Secretary of Defense? I could see people voting for Dizz.

#2) Ronda Rousey’s mother is a woman of many talents, and is currently applying them in ways even she didn’t imagine. No word yet on whether or not the virtual rabbit will be throwing armbars.

#3) Our very own Allen Strk is trying to get Mauro Ranallo a job with WWE’s creative department to replace his former gig with Strikeforce. That would put Mauro back up to 6 jobs.


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