More of the same from Anderson Silva

Anderson Silva

It wasn’t just the juking, the jiving, and general clowning that was more of the same from Anderson Silva on Saturday night. It was the coy turning down of a rematch with new champ Chris Weidman that continues his pattern of declining a big money fight until he gets the money he wants. There’s a reason the term “Anderson Silva money” exists, and he’s playing it up again.

More of the same from Anderson Silva

It’s not the first time that Silva’s initially passed on a fight in an effort to get more money out of the UFC. He initially stated that he would take neither the rematch with Sonnen, or this bout with Chris Weidman, but ended up taking both. The Sonnen rematch came after much finagling, and assurances of a percentage of the huge pay per view draw. The Weidman fight came after the signing of a massive new 10 fight contract. “The Spider” knows when he, as arguably the greatest fighter of all time, can hold out for the big money, and I feel this is just another example of it in action.

Anderson “The Spider” Silva has shown a propensity for playing games, both in and out of the cage. While his antics in the cage cost him the UFC middleweight championship on Saturday at UFC 162, Silva knows that a rematch with Weidman would more than likely result in the biggest payday that he or any other MMA fighter has seen to date, and that playing the UFC to get the best date and best deal will only enhance that. Will we see Silva-Weidman II later this year? I would say, “No.” However, don’t be shocked to see this rematch headlining a pay per view on Superbowl Saturday 2014.


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