UFC on Fox 8 conference call notes


MMASucka.com took part in today’s UFC on Fox 8 media conference call notes, and was able to bring you some of the highlights.

UFC on Fox 8 conference call notes

Demetrious Johnson

  • Says recovery from his shoulder injury went well. Has been in camp for roughly twelve weeks since being cleared to train again.
  • Said that while he is happy being an expectant father, it is not giving him any extra pressure. Approaches fighting as a job, and by approaching it from that business aspect, is prepared to defend his title.
  • Has not changed up his training methods with Matt Hume. Still focused on preparing to be the best mixed martial artist possible, not on tailoring things for a specific opponent.
  • Is impressed by John Moraga’s 2-fight winning streak and his finishes over Ulysses Gomes and Chris Cariaso.
  • Did not feel there were problems scouting Moraga, and is approaching this fight the same as any other.
  • Does not worry about Moraga calling him boring.


John Moraga

  • When asked if the pressure of main eventing a card was getting to him, he simply answered, “No.”
  • Is only thinking about, “Getting that win.”


Rory MacDonald

  • When asked if he likes to make opponents who disrespect him in the way Jake Ellenberger or BJ Penn have, he said that he doesn’t really care either way, as he doesn’t care about the disrespect. “If they suffer, they suffer. It doesn’t matter if they’re nice or an asshole.”
  • When asked about moving up to middleweight if he beats Jake to avoid fighting GSP, said, “Yeah, I’m just gonna focus on this fight for now. My whole career has just been “go with the flow,” everything changes after each fight. I’ll see where I am after this fight, see the options from there. Nothing is out of the question.”


Jake Ellenberger

  • When asked if the reason he went after Rory MacDonald on Twitter as because of the cancellation of the bout at UFC 158, said, “No, I never said anything that wans’t true, my message for Rory was pretty clear. This isn’t a Tears for Fears lookalike contest, all I said was ‘prepare for some horizontal television time,’ and I meant it.”
  • When asked if beating Rory would be his “signature win” that would earn him a title shot, stated, “Obviously, that’s the goal at the end of the day, but I’m going out there to perform and to win. It doesn’t matter, Rory doesn’t have a choice where this fight goes, it goes where I want it to go. I showed that in the last fight. He’s showed nice potential, but he’s never faced anyone like me. I’m stoked to get in there.”
  • Says that he’s and “evidence-based abuser” in regards to what he’s said about Rory, and that, “I never made him make the decision to fight me, I’m just going to make him look stupid when I destroy him.”

Dana White

  • When asked if he feels a flyweight match will ever headline a pay-per-view, said “Absolutely.” Mentioned that Demetrious Johnson has been on a lot of big cards, and that he will be again. Says the flyweight division is in a building stage, and that he’s happy with its growth.
  • Doesn’t feel that flyweight needs a “signature knockout.” Says that fights can be exciting, whether guys are winning them by knockout, submission, or decision.
  • When asked where Robbie Lawler stands, answered that beating Koscheck was huge, and that they want to keep Lawler busy to the point where he might be able to earn himself a title shot.
  • Feels that whoever wins between Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger will take a big step forward in the division. Says both are dynamic and explosive fighters, and whoever wins will be right up there for a title shot.
  • Feels that the fight with Ellenberger will be Rory’s biggest test and fight to date
  • Said that he wasn’t sure how difficult it was to find a replacement opponent for Robbie Lawler, but imagines that it’s not a prospect many people would get excited about.
  • Says that Rory has never said that he won’t fight GSP, just that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Says Rory will talk about it when the time comes to book the fight.


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