Rampage Jackson possibly boxing Roy Jones Jr? Really?

Bellator is getting a few headlines today. Our friends at MMAJunkie.com are reporting that sources close to the negotiations are saying that Viacom (the people who own Spike TV and Bellator) have a big announcement at this Wednesday’s Bellator 97.  The announcement could be that they are going head-to-head with UFC 168’s traditional big end of the year PPV show.

Rampage Jackson possibly boxing Roy Jones Jr? Really?

One of the things being kicked around is a PPV boxing match between Rampage Jackson and Roy Jones Jr.

Excuse me? I’m not sure what people are drinking over there at  Viacom, but this really confuses me. First off, who wants to see Rampage in a boxing match? He can barely out box anyone in MMA. Poor Rampage is being set up and sent to the slaughter if this materializes with Roy Jones Jr.

Jones has a 56-8 boxing record and held titles in multiple weight classes. Rampage has a 0-0 boxing record and was once a UFC Lightweight Champion in mixed martial arts. No weight class or definite date has been announced but apparently Bellator likes the idea and could be announcing it soon.

What else is foggy is how will they put together a Bellator PPV with a boxing match and MMA fights? Many have tried to do this before and many have failed. If Bellator was smart they would also start the PPV off with a mini concert from Megadeth. Affliction anyone? Hey I guess it could work, but really it’s a circus fight that nobody cares about. I liked the idea of Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones because at least Silva has a boxing background and has shown to be the most elite striker in MMA. Rampage Jackson is not even in the conversation.

The other part that seems rather stupid to me, is if Bellator goes head-to-head with UFC 168 which will be one of the biggest cards of 2013. Why bother even trying to take away UFC market share? Why does this all sound so familiar? I liked it better when Bellator was just happy being a #2 or #3 promotion and not trying to eat the UFC’s lunch. What usually happens is that the UFC ends up eating you.

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