Tweetstar of the Day (08/10/2013) – Josh Barnett

Tweetstar of the Day (08/10/2013) – Josh Barnett


There is always somebody cracking jokes about MMA, whether it’s fighters, writers or fans. Some of them are even pretty funny, and we’re going to share with you the three best tweets of the day from fighters, fans, and the media. Today we’ve got Josh Barnett pondering 90s one-hit wonders, WMMA afficianado Arron Pegson derides Bellator’s ability to promote the women, and Mark Hominick goes overkill.

Tweetstar of the Day (08/10/2013) – Josh Barnett

#1) When he’s not thinking about demolishing opponents, destroying the orcs, or attending metal shows, these are the dark places Josh Barnett’s mind wanders to.

#2) Arron Pegson puts that particularly vulgar/clever Aussie wit to good use when assessing Bellator’s handling of women’s MMA.

#3) Most people just use rolled up newspaper to start a fire. Mark “The Machine” Hominick is not most people.


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