Jens Pulver partners with for PayDay 2



Hard core Gamers and Newbies listen up! Tonight is your chance to have an interactive game experience with former UFC Lightweight Champion, legendary MMA fighter and gamer Jens Pulver as he prepares to wage war with Payday 2. Payday 2 is the latest shooter video game from Overkill Software. Pulver is no stranger to gaming he is a certified “gameaholic” having gotten hooked on Dungeons and Dragons as a kid.

“We’ve come so far from the old days where you just pick out a character, where you just put in the game, and you have all the end pieces, and everybody does the same thing. You are doing the single player, and you know this guy is going to come out here, and you can start mastering it. Like pac man once you know, how to go around it you can pretty much do it on every level “says Pulver.

Payday 2 released last week takes place over multiple days and locations and features 11 heists. The four member crew include such dudes as the Enforcer who can carry heavy weapons and equipment, the Mastermind who negotiates and intimidates cops to make them friendly, the Ghost a master of stealth and adept at disabling security systems, and the Technician class, an explosives genius. There are about 10 distinct jobs with varying levels of difficulty that effect how lucrative they will be. Some are stand-alone gigs, like bank heists, store robberies, and nightclub burglaries, while others span multiple days and involve stealing art, cooking meth, transporting drugs, dealing with gang members, and stealing from senators.

The brainchild behind tonight’s gaming experience is’s managing editor, Jason Nawara.

“There are few things as fun as getting online with thousands of miles separating us all and playing video games. We are going to go through new games and stream em live. We will play the same game for 4 weeks on the same night every week. Jens is hilarious to play video games with. I remember watching him, and he was a gamer from way back. Besides who doesn’t want to add playing video games with Jens Pulver to their bucket list.”

When I spoke with Pulver who had not yet played the game, but had looked at the release “on-line” he said he felt “kind of funny” talking about a game that dealt with burglaries, but he was psyched to get a chance to play it.

“You get to reach into your inner burglary you are doing jobs, picking rock. Put a team together, I’m going to have to skill up for sure ”

If all of this sounds like a foreign language like it did to me when I first started speaking with Pulver, Pulver wants you to know that if you tune in tonight in you will have him right by your side coaching you as he once did on The Ultimate Fighter 5.

“What we wanted to do is take the everyday gamer and the new gamer, we find a new style of the game, and we will go through this for a month, getting our butts kicked, and learning how to play, so people don’t feel so intimidated when it comes to online gaming.”

jens_pulver-0023 (2)Oh, and in case you were wondering what his strategy is for tonight’s clash. Pulver tells me “I like to cause as much havoc as I can!” just like fighting in the Octagon. Let’s Game with Jens will kick off tonight at 8 pm CST and air every Thursday live on as well as on For those who are unable to catch Let’s Game with Jens live they are encouraged to watch the replay on YouTube. Also, you can expect to see more of Pulver as he prepares for his next fight against Sami Aziz at SC-9 November 23rd In Sweden.


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